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Meet Some Of Your Choreographers

Improve your dance skills from some of the best choreographers from around the world

Bec Morris

Jazz Funk / Hip Hop

Khyrese Heron

Hip Hop

Lee Daniel


Shaun Niles


Bess Noakes-Kettel


Alex Mechanikool



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DNACERS includes classes on everything you need to grow as a dancer.
Whether it’s learning moves, full routines, or creating content for social media, we’ve got you covered…

We wanted as many people as possible to be able to access DNACERS. So instead of individually paying for every class you take, we’re granting unlimited access to all of our on-demand classes for an affordable monthly membership that's excellent value for money!

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Follow a daily dance schedule with thousands of other dancers and choreographers.

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No matter your needs or experience level, you’ll never be out of dance tutorial videos to choose from.

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Having full 1-2-1 interaction with the choreographers when I'm in a live class helps me improve as a dancer, I can ask questions whenever I want and get the feedback and support I need, thank you DNACERS 👍

<p>J Rana</p>,

J Rana


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6 Monthly


Paid half-yearly

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​​Get unlimited access to all of our on-demand classes while paying monthly. Cancel any time

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Have Questions About DNACERS Or The Memberships?

What is included in a membership?

Take your dancing to the next level with access to our library of 400+ online dance classes in hip-hop, contemporary, jazz, ballet, modern tap, musical theatre, and more – with new classes added every week!

What age & experience is this suitable for?

DNACERS is designed and recommended for Dancers of any age: kids (ages 8+), teens, and adults. Beginner through advanced-level classes are all available.

What Is The Price?

You can get started with DNACERS with a 3-day free trial. The annual Membership is just £99 and provides unlimited access to 400+ On-Demand classes from over 100 top Choreographers, Instructors, mentors, and coaches, with new classes added every week.

How do I cancel?
If you don’t want to continue, you can cancel your membership at any time. Follow the prompts to cancel on the Billing page, and your membership will not renew. Please note that there aren’t refunds for partially unused membership periods.

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